How To Get Kukri In The Elden Ring: A Guide

How To Get Kukri In The Elden Ring: A Guide

Elden Ring, the newest masterpiece from FromSoftware, has a huge world and hard gameplay that have players hooked. The Kukri is one of the many things that can be found in the Lands Between. It is a powerful weapon that can do a lot of damage to enemies. In this guide, we’ll show you two ways to get the Kukri in Elden Ring so that you have everything you need for your trip.

Buy something from the nomadic merchant

The first way to get the Kukri is to go to the Weeping Peninsula, which is a lonely but interesting place in the Lands Between. In this area, the Nomadic Merchant can be found in the eastern part of it. This wandering merchant is known for selling many useful things to brave explorers.

You will need to give the Nomadic Merchant 60 Runes in order to get the Kukri to them. Runes are Elden Ring’s currency, and there are many ways to get them, such as by defeating enemies, visiting dungeons, and finishing quests. As soon as you have enough Runes, just walk up to the Nomadic Merchant and start the deal to add the Kukri to your collection.

The second way is to look in Liurnia of the Lakes in Elden Ring.

The Kukri can also be found in Liurnia of the Lakes, which is another interesting place in the Lands Between. When you get to Liurnia, go to the Glintstone Smarag, which is a dangerous and mysterious place. There is a secret behind this mysterious building that daring explorers can find.

It is possible to find a dead body behind the Glintstone Smarag holding six Kukri knives. The trip to this place might be dangerous, but getting multiple Kukri daggers is worth it. Get close to the body and take the items from it to add them to your inventory.

Using the Kukri in Battle

When players have the Kukri, they have access to a powerful tool that can do a lot of damage to enemies. There is no doubt that the Kukri is a reliable weapon to have when fighting both scary bosses and large groups of enemies.

Try out different methods and ways of playing to get the most out of the Kukri in your battles. Its heavy weight and sharp blade make it good for both close-quarters and long-range attacks, giving you options in a variety of SLOT GAMPANG MENANG battle situations.

In conclusion

Getting the Kukri in Elden Ring gives players who want to improve their weapons and take on tough tasks in the Lands Between new options. In the hands of determined adventurers, the Kukri is a useful tool, whether it is bought from the Nomadic Merchant or found in the secrets of Liurnia of the Lakes.

As you start your journey through Elden Ring’s huge and dangerous world, remember to use the Kukri with skill and accuracy. It could be the key to your victory in fight. I hope your adventures go well and that the lands of the Elden Ring show you their secrets.