Haven Map on Valorant: A Simple Guide for New Players

Haven Map on Valorant: A Simple Guide for New Players

In Valorant’s lively world, getting good at the Haven map can make all the difference. Ultimate Orbs are important to keep an eye on because they’re little power-ups that can turn the game in your favor. These orbs, which can be found in C long and A long, will help you do faster ultimates and keep control. Every round, whether you’re attacking or protecting, make it a habit to grab them. Just be sneaky—a partner can give you a smokescreen that you can use to hide while you grab the orb. But watch out for enemies with sharp eyes who might try to ruin your plans!

Haven Map on Valorant: How to Keep Your Ground in Map Control

The B site is part of Haven’s unique layout, which means that defenders have to plan how to protect and hold their ground. Working together is important here. From the middle door, which is across from B Window, agents like Sage or Viper can build walls to block the enemy’s view. This lets the defense team focus on either A or C, which makes it harder for attackers to get through.

Attackers who want to take over the B site have to keep an eye on three directions: the midcourt, the C Link, and the A Link. Usually, attackers only plant on B as a last option when it looks like they can’t get through A and C because sentinels are such a strong defense.

Haven Map on Valorant: Best Agents for Haven: Be Smart About Which Champions You Pick

Killjoy: Killjoy is great at holding sites and is a defense powerhouse. When she lines up her Swarm grenades, they can distract enemies who are trying to defuse the spike.

Jett: Jett can’t be hurt by shooters waiting in key areas when she uses her Tailwind ability. To quickly get into spike sites, use her sprints and jumps.

Astra: Haven shows how versatile Astra is. Her stars can place in a smart way to stun, smoke, or pull enemies from different directions. On the linear map, her final move works especially well.

Skye: Skye is best for tight spaces like Garage or Short. Because her skills make it easy for her to blind enemies and kill them. Her ultimate is great for finding enemies all over the map.

How to Get Used to Haven: Practice Makes Perfect

At first, playing on Haven might seem too much, especially with the extra site. Don’t worry, though; with more practice and playing, you’ll quickly learn how the map is laid out. Now get those orbs, take charge of the map, and pick your agents carefully like BETSLOT. Soon you’ll be an expert at Haven in Valorant!